Legally Betting On The Nets

Brooklyn hoops fans have much to be proud of as regards their team, and that enthusiasm is at least partly responsible for driving a renewed interest in legally betting on the Nets.

Like New York City’s other team, the Nets were a founding member of their original professional league – in this case the NBA’s competitor, the American Basketball Association (ABA). Launched as a franchise in 1967 as the New Jersey Americans, the team that would eventually become the Nets moved to Long Island the following year and won two league championships in the mid ‘70s before joining the NBA in the much-publicized merger between the rival organizations. The Nets returned to the Garden State in 1977, where the team remained until 2012 when, finally, they settled at last in Brooklyn, bringing along legions of old fans and attracting scores of new ones among NYC’s hoops-crazy sports aficionados.

Our comprehensive guide to legally betting on the Nets will provide the prospective or first-time sports bettor (and even returning veterans of the hobby) with all the information you’ll need to begin getting in on the action of wagering on your favorite team. Though we’ll dig into how this is possible at much greater length later on, for now the key takeaway is to always place your wagers at legal offshore sports betting sites like 5Dimes, SportsBetting and BetOnline. Our guide will fill you in as to how to go about doing that.

Current Betting Odds On The Nets

What makes the Nets an attractive proposition for those interested in legal New York NBA betting, especially after falling on hard times competitively since the move back to Brooklyn, is the prospect for rebuilding evinced by a dramatic shift in the composition of its roster in recent years. Intriguing trades for promising up-and-coming players, shrewd maneuvers in various drafts, the arrival of a fundamentally sound head coach and so on have combined to create an atmosphere of latent potential just waiting to burst onto the hardwood. Though the Nets have got some work to do before they’re once again standing in the top strata of NBA teams, Brooklyn appears to have the tools it needs to get that done eventually, and, more importantly, the organization looks hungry to make it happen.

The leading legal sports betting sites we mentioned previously – BetOnline, SportsBetting and 5Dimes – have all taken note of the general attitude exuded by the Nets management toward intelligently but aggressively rebuilding the organization and moving the team back in the direction of credibility. What this means in practice for Brooklyn fans who want to get into wagering online is that our top-rated sites will generally offer current betting odds on the Nets. The betting shops we recommend for our readers will have betting lines available throughout the regular season and into the playoffs should the Nets make it that far, which, given the state of the Eastern Conference’s Atlantic Division as well as in the rest of the NBA, is always a possibility.

However, just knowing odds are available won’t do you any good if you don’t know what you’re looking at when you take a gander at the betting boards of our leading sportsbooks New York fans can rely on. In the next few sections we’ll go over the different types of betting odds on the Nets that are usually offered at betting boards online.

Betting On The Nets Straight Up

There are three main types of betting lines that will almost always feature on the betting board when you’re looking to legally bet on the Nets, and the first one we’re going to examine is betting on the Nets straight up. This wager type is also known as betting on the moneyline, because the only consideration when engaging in this kind of wager is whether the team you pick wins or loses (there is no emphasis on the margin of victory at all, hence why it’s called “straight up” betting).

The bookies will list one team as the favorite (the one more likely to win) and one team as the underdog (if they’re more likely to lose), and each side will be assigned moneyline odds indicative of their relative chances of pulling out a win. The favorite will most often have odds beginning with a minus sign (-) and the underdog will have odds beginning with a plus sign (+). That’s because a bet on the underdog assumes a base wager of $100 with a payout of at least $100 more, whereas a bet on the favorite will require a wager of more than $100 in order to win $100 extra.

Betting On The Nets Point Spread

Unlike the previous wager type, betting on the Nets point spread DOES take the margin of victory into account when figuring which bets when and which bets lose. Bookies love to list point spread betting lines (usually these are the first odds available as soon as a game is scheduled), because it helps to balance out both sides of a given matchup. This is due to there being an additional layer of difficulty for the favorite to overcome before the sportsbook has to pay out on a winning wager.

The favorite in the matchup will have to win by more than bookies’ stipulated point spread, which can also be thought of in simpler terms as a handicap, while the underdog can either win the game outright or lose by less than the handicap. If either of those outcomes occurs, the team that does the deed is said to have covered the spread. Point spread betting is one of the most enduringly popular forms of legally betting on the Nets available at our highest recommended sites for this reason.

Betting On The Nets Over/Under

When you bet on the Nets via the over/under method what you’re actually betting on isn’t whether Brooklyn or their opponent wins or loses or even by how much they win or lose. Instead, bettors place wagers on whether the combined final score of the game is greater than (over) or less than (under) the amount predicted by the bookies when they handicap the game and compile the betting lines. Because victory and defeat aren’t taken into account with this betting type, over/under betting is popular with fans as a way of padding out their winnings, especially if they just want to bet on a game that they haven’t researched as much.

One last point about over/under betting on the Nets: it is possible that you will neither win nor lose a bet of this type. It sounds weird, but this can really happen if the final combined score of both teams exactly equals the projected total score for the game. In the event this actually happens – which is called a “push” in betting parlance – all the money wagered on that particular over/under betting line will be refunded to the bettors.

Best New York Betting Sites
  • BetOnline
SportsBetting Sportsbook
Nets Prop Bets

In addition to the main wager types we’ve already looked at, there are other means of betting on the Nets that also don’t directly relate to winning and losing. These bets are called props – short for “propositions” – because they are, in essence, “what if?”-style questions proposed by the bookies when formulating betting odds. Props come in two forms: player props and team props, with the difference between them being that player props only consider the individual statistical performance of one player at a time, whereas team props look at what the whole team or a portion of the team does in the game.

Whichever type of prop bet you’re interested in, be aware that the leading legal offshore New York-friendly sportsbooks won’t always offer props on every game. It will depend on how high-profile the matchup between the two teams is, the hype surrounding the game (think a playoff game or the championship) or even off-court drama between athletes. Nevertheless, prop bets, when they are available, are a great way to cash your ticket for a huge amount if you carefully study the progress of individual players or keep close tabs on your team’s performance over the long term – both of which are high marks for Brooklyn’s dedicated fanbase.

Nets Player Prop Examples

Center Total Points Vs. Boston Celtics

  • Over 20 Points (-110)
  • Under 20 Points (-105)

Shooting Guard Total Rebounds Vs. Boston Celtics

  • Over 9 Rebounds (-125)
  • Under 9 Rebounds (+120)

Nets Team Prop Examples

Highest Scoring Quarter Vs. New York Knicks

  • 1st Quarter (+210)
  • 2nd Quarter (+220)
  • 3rd Quarter (+300)
  • 4th Quarter (+340)

First Team To Reach 10 Points Vs. New York Knicks

  • Brooklyn Nets (+140)
  • New York Knicks (-130)
Other Ways To Bet On The Nets

Even though we’re probably boggling your mind with all the different methods for placing wagers on Brooklyn, don’t tune us out just yet, because there are other ways to bet on the Nets still to go over before we can move on to the FAQs. Some of these alternatives, namely mobile sports betting apps, are simply enhancements that allow for more convenience when placing wagers on the Nets or other popular teams, while others, such as the live in-game betting option available at leading sportsbooks like 5Dimes, BetOnline and SportsBetting, are entirely new ways to play. In the case of the latter example, betting odds are updated throughout the course of a game in real time based on the actual happenings on the hardwood.

The online sports betting shops we recommend for our readers offer their users all these options and more, including futures betting odds and special betting lines that are only available at certain times or when public interest is piqued for one reason or another. The point is, if you want to keep abreast of all the goings-on with different wager types at the industry-leading offshore New York sportsbooks, you’ll have to peruse their selections regularly and become familiar with their NBA section.

Betting On the Nets FAQs

Is Sports Betting Legal For New York Residents?

The whole foundation of this guide is that legally betting on the Nets is possible. However, many new bettors or even experienced sports gamblers not familiar with wagering online may not readily understand how exactly this is possible, given that myriad federal laws like the Wire Act, the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) and the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) exist. These federal sports betting laws combine to make sports betting difficult to impossible for US bettors to place wagers on sports, but that’s only true if those wagers are placed at sites based in America or at physical locations outside Nevada and, to a lesser extent, in Delaware, Montana and Oregon.

However, New York state law provides the wiggle room that our recommended Empire State-friendly sports betting sites – BetOnline, SportsBetting and 5Dimes – need to offer a legal options for NBA fans. That’s because the state gambling laws, which are genuinely and explicitly against most forms of wagering and even on selling betting lines and running a sportsbook in-state, don’ contain any prohibitions (or even the merest mention) of internet gambling. This loophole or oversight or whatever it may be is enough of a tacit permission for foreign-based sports betting sites to operate unimpeded by either federal laws or state laws.

Is Betting On the The Nets Unethical?

While the opinion that sports betting is legal for New York residents is pretty well a matter of consensus among experts on gambling law, the question of whether or not betting on the Nets or other sports teams is unethical is up for debate. We aren’t here to be anybody’s conscience or to tell you how to think about wagering on sports, as it is our opinion that this is a question that everyone has to answer for themselves. Often the argument is made that placing bets on sports invalidates the sanctity of the game itself or could lead to athletes not performing as good as they otherwise might in order to gain a reward for throwing the match, but this might be the only compelling case against the practice.

Consider this: it could be said that any profit in money, goods or property made by the participants of a game is at least as unethical as betting on the game’s outcome by non-participants is made out to be by opponents of gambling. Ultimately, however, this is a moot point, as match-fixing is strongly punished by sports organizations and cheating on the part of bettors is not tolerated by all reputable sportsbooks as well. There is certainly no need to worry that by legally betting on the Nets at our highest-recommended sportsbooks you’ll be crossing any moral lines – it only remains for you to decide if risking money on an unsure outcome makes you uncomfortable or not.

Will New York Sportsbooks Keep My Financial Information Safe?

One thing of which you can be absolutely certain is that our top recommended wagering sites, which function as de fact New York sportsbooks will keep your financial and personal information safe. It’s a bit hyperbolic, but it could be said that betting shops like 5Dimes, SportsBetting and BetOnline have security measures in place that exceed that of most land-based sportsbooks attached to casinos in Vegas. Our highest recommended sites prioritize security for their users in a way that many other operators don’t, with multi-level encryption protocols every step of the way, along with smart features like off-site backup of your personal information.

Addressing the realistic security concerns of potential users isn’t just a nice touch, either. It’s a literal requirement sites like the ones we suggest you use have to go through in order to acquire gaming licenses through their home nations’ regulatory authorities. That should be reassuring for NBA fans still on the fence about the prospect of legally betting on the Nets at a foreign-operated wagering site.

Can I Use My Smartphone To Bet On The Nets?

Practically every kind of transaction you can think of can be done over a smartphone these days, and that goes for buying insurance to booking a flight to ordering a pizza, so why should legally betting on the Nets be any different? The leading sports betting sites certainly don’t think it should be, which is why they spared no expense in monetary resources or time in creating what are without a doubt the best wagering apps for New York NBA fans that can be found anywhere. Sweetening the pot further is the fact that these apps are all available completely for free, enabling you to take your hobby with you anywhere and everywhere, any time, with all the features of the desktop version you’ve come to expect.

All you have to do to get started using your smartphone to bet on the Nets is visit the corresponding sites (that’s BetOnline, SportsBetting and 5Dimes) and you’ll quickly find out how easy it is to sign up through your smartphone’s mobile browser or to directly download the app to your device. These apps are designed to work with smartphones and tablets running both Apple’s iOS and the Android operating system, so you won’t run into trouble in that regard either. For convenience and ease of use, the leading offshore sports betting sites’ mobile wagering apps can’t be beat.

What Is The Best Deposit Method At New York Sportsbooks?

It’s just a point of fact that the 2006 passage of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) made the process of making deposits into your bankroll at legal sports betting sites – even those based outside the US – infinitely more difficult. That law prohibited US financial institutions from processing gambling-related transactions over the internet, which means using your credit card or even a debit card to fund your account is going to hit-or-miss at best. However, thanks to the arrival of Bitcoin on the scene a few years back, there is at last a solution.

Bitcoin is by far the best deposit method at New York sportsbooks like BetOnline, SportsBetting and 5Dimes, and we strongly recommend that all our users take advantage of this new cryptocurrency every time they make a deposit at one of our recommended sites. That’s because Bitcoin, being a solely internet-based currency, is 100 percent outside the control of any governmental financial regulatory body, enables its users to spend their money exactly how they see fit. The next time you want to get in on legally betting on the Nets or any other NBA team, use Bitcoin to make your deposit – it’s the fastest, most secure way to use money at legal sportsbook sites, and that’s true from the time you make a deposit all the way through cashing your ticket.

Top Sportsbooks for Betting in New York
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