Legally Betting On The Jets At New York Sportsbooks

Since getting their start nearly 60 years ago, the New York Jets have amassed a considerable following among home state fans for their tough style of play and never-quit attitude. Though the Jets have been through some rough patches over the years, the team’s loyal fans stuck by them through the tough times and through the moments of triumph that included a Super Bowl appearance (and several close calls), more than a dozen playoffs berths and multiple conference championships.

Now that the Jets are on the cusp of entering a new period of rejuvenation and resurgence, it’s no coincidence that placing wagers on Gang Green has become increasingly popular among its dedicated fanbase and among sports bettors everywhere. Thanks to the arrival of the internet as the preeminent means of placing bets on sports and New York’s own lack of legal prohibition on online gambling, legally betting on the Jets is possible at New York sportsbooks.

The best of these Empire State-friendly sports betting sites are SportsBetting, BetOnline and 5Dimes, all of which are licensed and regulated by the gaming authorities in their home nations in Europe and Caribbean. That means all our highest recommended sites are legal in their own right but simultaneously outside the legal control of US laws which largely prohibit betting on sports. There is still much disinformation floating around online about these sites, which is why we compiled this comprehensive guide to betting on the Jets: we want to give the new or returning bettor the real information they need to get started wagering on their favorite team.

Current Betting Odds On The Jets

All the top-rated legal offshore sportsbooks serving New York bettors can be expected to keep close tabs on premier NFL teams like the Jets. Current betting odds on the Jets will be offered throughout the year, but focusing on the preseason through the postseason leading up to the Super Bowl. These odds, which we will discuss in greater detail in the forthcoming sections, will be listed on a several-times-weekly basis usually a few days before the Jets’ next game.

The main three types of betting lines available at legal New York sportsbooks include:

Betting On The Jets Straight Up

Betting in a win or lose situation, with no consideration placed on the margin of victory is known as “betting straight up.” This method of wagering is the simplest and most direct of all the main betting types, and it also serves as the foundational basis of every other kind of betting. That’s because betting straight up is also rightly referred to as “betting the moneyline” – that is to say in the way this kind of betting odds are listed, with the favorite and the underdog each having odds indicating their respective payouts reflective of the likelihood they have to win or lose.

Betting On The Jets Point Spread

Unlike betting straight up, betting via the point spread method doesn’t just take into account victory or defeat but also concerns itself with the margin of defeat. Betting against the spread, as this form of wagering is also called, is one of the most popular means of betting on the NFL because it makes even lopsided matchups more interesting on both sides of the bet, which is of interest to the sportsbook and the bettor. In order for a bet against the spread to be considered successful, the favorite has to win the game in question despite giving up a predetermined handicap to the underdog, which has to win outright or can even lose so long as the loss isn’t by more than the amount of the handicap.

Betting On The Jets Over/Under

Betting on over/under is so-called because, rather than betting on the outcome of the game itself, bettors choose to wager on whether the total combined final score of both teams is higher than (over) or lower than (under) the bookies’ projected total. A winning bet occurs when the bettor correctly choses whether the score was greater than or less than the estimated score, but all the money wagered on either side of the betting line can actually be refunded. That outcome, called a “push” in gambling parlance, occurs when the actual final combined score exactly matches what the bookies thought it would be.

Best New York Betting Sites
  • BetOnline
SportsBetting Sportsbook
Jets Prop Bets

Though the previous three types of betting lines are far and away the most commonly available, and will generally be offered prior to any game, there are other kinds of betting lines that are sometimes offered by sportsbooks serving New York bettors. Among these are Jets prop bets, so called because they are essentially propositional questions – that is, prop bets are wagers on aspects of a game that aren’t directly related to winning and losing. For instance, there are prop bets on the statistical performances of individual players (usually skill players like the quarterback, a prominent running back or a wide receiver) and prop bets on the statistical performances of sections of the team (like the defensive line) or on the team as a whole.

We’ll give a few examples of typical player prop bets and team prop bets that bettors might find on offer at New York sportsbooks when betting on the Jets. In the meantime, click here to check out all the exciting Jets prop bets available at New York-friendly sports books.

Jets Player Prop Examples

Quarterback Total Passing Touchdowns Vs New England Patriots

  • Over 3 Touchdowns (-110)
  • Under 3 Touchdowns (-180)

Running Back Total Yardage Vs New England Patriots

  • Over 150 Yards (-130)
  • Under 150 Yards (+150)

Jets Team Prop Examples

Will The Jets Win The AFC East Division Championship?

  • Yes (+600)
  • No (-1200)

Will The Jets’ Defense Block A Field Goal Vs New England Patriots?

  • Yes (+400)
  • No (-500)
Other Ways To Bet On The Jets

In addition to all the ways we’ve already looked at here in this guide and elsewhere on, there are other ways to bet on the Jets. Some of which are simply the next step forward in the hobby - that is a logical leap of sports betting to keep up with advances in technology: live in-game betting and mobile betting falls into this category. Other forms of betting at New York sportsbooks include futures betting, in which bettors pick out the winner of events far in the future (say choosing the Super Bowl winner from a vantage point in early June, for instance) and special betting lines the books will roll out occasionally (like if the Jets will trade a certain player or fire their head coach).

Betting On The Jets FAQs

Is Betting Online Legal For New York Residents?

New York is an interesting legal case when it comes to betting on sports. On the one hand, New York is certainly not among the four states allowed to regulate some form of sports betting by federal laws like the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992 (PASPA) – those states being Nevada, Delaware, Montana and Oregon. However, on the other hand New York’s state laws don’t have anything at all to say about gambling online while at the same time banning sportsbooks and indeed most other kinds of gambling.

This mixed bag of laws, oddly enough, makes it possible for legal betting at New York sportsbooks to take place. This is possible because the sportsbooks like SportsBetting, BetOnline and 5Dimes serving New York bettors are, of course, based overseas where they are outside the reach of federal prohibitions on sports betting while, being purely online entities, are outside the reach of state laws too. Because these legal offshore sports betting sites are so good at what they do while being 100 percent legal, there is really nothing to be gained (and much to be lost) from trying to track down a local bookie. No, if you live in New York and you’re interested in NFL betting, definitely do it online at our recommended sites.

Is Betting On The Jets Unethical?

Critics of sports betting have always fallen into several camps. On the one hand, there are those who, like then-Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy, created laws like the Wire Act to take the fight against criminal syndicates by going after the profitable revenue source that was illegal organized sports betting (the so-called rackets). On the other hand, there are those who oppose wagering on sports because they view it as unethical at best – cheapening the values of sports itself – or immoral at worst – corrupting the minds of the youth.

In either case, betting on sports is no more unethical than any other kind of gambling, and, thanks to the nature of legal New York sportsbooks that enable wagering on NFL teams, there is very little possibility for corruption or even cheating. Ultimately, however, whether or not sports betting is unethical and undermines the purity of sports or poses a threat to children getting into sports, is a question that every would-be bettor must decide for him or herself. When, or if, you are ready to bet at New York sportsbooks, you can be confident that you won’t be breaking the law, even if you could get away with it.

Will New York Sportsbooks Keep My Financial Information Safe?

New York-friendly sportsbooks like BetOnline, 5Dimes and SportsBetting are industry leaders in what is rapidly becoming one of the most tightly contested segments of the broader sports betting landscape, and they achieved this distinction through several means and methods. Yes, they legally fill a niche created by a hodgepodge of federal and state laws prohibiting sports betting most everywhere in the US, but when you get down to actually using the sites, the impression they have on the sports bettor is of complete and utter professionalism. In the case of our highest recommended sites, this professionalism is perhaps best expressed in the way in which careful attention is paid to ensuring their players have confidence in their security measures, keeping financial and personal information completely safe from prying eyes.

This focus on strict security is a natural by-product of the rigorous application process gambling sites have to go through in order to become licensed in the foreign countries where they are based. This is actually one of the best parts about betting at New York sportsbooks: you can rest easy knowing that your information won’t be used by any third parties, much less bad actors looking to steal your identity or run off with your winnings. The gambling regulatory agencies in places like the European Union, where 5Dimes is located, and SportsBetting and BetOnline, which are based in the island nation of Antigua, are some of the most stringent in the world, and proudly so, as that level of consumer protection secures their businesses for the future.

Can I Use My Smartphone To Bet On The Jets?

In this day and time, almost everyone has a smartphone or tablet, and these devices have become in most cases the most used appliance with which people have daily contact, moreso even than the computer they might rely on for their jobs. Indeed, we are now living in the age of the smartphone, and the legal sports betting sites have well and truly taken notice. In fact, they’ve spared no expense of time or funding developing what are some the most highly downloaded and comprehensive sports betting apps to be found anywhere online. The best parts of the whole arrangement is they’re free to download, even prospective users do have to access them directly from their respective websites, and these sports betting apps are designed to work on devices running either Apple’s iOS or the Android operating system.

These apps, rather than reinventing the sports betting wheel, instead take the direction of translating the user experience and interface from the desktop version of their respective sites into a mobile-friendly version. That means the pages run smoother, new data is downloaded faster, and – thanks to the proliferation of high quality streaming data networks nationwide – transactions are completed quicker and more securely. Additionally, these New York sportsbook apps have the obvious benefit of enabling their users to take their hobby with them anywhere: whether you’re at the Jets’ next home game, at the bar with your buddies or waiting on the kids to finish football practice.

What Is The Best Deposit Method At New York Sportsbooks?

Keeping with the trend of technology based solutions to the problems that came about due to laws like the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 (UIGEA), the best legal sports betting sites serving New York bettors have, in many respects, made the shift to Bitcoin as the preferred means of accepting deposits. Bitcoin is unquestionably the leading cryptocurrency trading in world currency exchanges now, and with a value that appears only to be capable of going higher and higher, the smart money might be on getting some now as a long-term investment strategy before you’re priced out of the market. As regards sports betting, however, Bitcoin is also the best, fastest and most secure means of bankrolling your sports betting account at sites like SportsBetting, BetOnline, Bovada and 5Dimes.

Transactions with Bitcoin at the leading legal New York sportsbooks are typically resolved within 48 hours, but usually within a much shorter timespan – sometimes even a matter of minutes. This is a marked improvement over the slower (but still reliable) methods of making deposits such as money orders, wire transfers or checks through the mail. The sports betting sites we recommend also offer bonuses of up to $5,000 for first time depositors and return customers, which is something else to consider when making your choice as to which site you’ll use for betting on the Jets.

Top Sportsbooks for Betting in New York
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